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Professional wildlife photo tutorial fest by Panos Laskarakis

I am a professional outdoor nature photographer who understands local culture and ethics wherever I conduct tours. I have won many awards for excellence. I also specialize in organizing workshops and outdoor photography tours a learning experience for the amateurs and would-be lens men. B e i n g awe stricken by India and its wild heritage I began to organize wildlife photo tours and soon mastered the endeavour.

I am glad to lead you as a private group of photographers or passionate travelers into the wild wonders of India and I will focus strictly on your improvement as far as wildlife photography is concerned as well as your needs, your demands and your relaxation! You don't have to worry about anything. Just enjoy your experience. So take your passion and make it happen!

For photographers, the tutorial includes two major parts. The first concerns the outdoor wildlife photography, when I am planning to show you my new skills, techniques and my photographic behavior in the wild. The second is about the seminars in our lodge areas, during which I will share my knowledge with you on your preparation before the safari and your future wildlife photography as well. We will spend most of our time and effort on safari with new photographic activities and get qualitative images. I will make a much more enjoyable and in depth wildlife photographic experience for you.

India's Top Photography Expedition Leaders - My Safari Team

The leaders are accomplished photographers, and hence guide you throughout the expedition with bagful of coaching and timely tips to help you obtain pictures of lifetime. They are also highly trained naturalists with in-depth knowledge of the enviroment that live in.

Most of our guides average 15 years' experience in the field. We know that a nature trip is only as good as the guide, and that's why we take pride in hiring the world's best!

They have years of experience having worked with acclaimed film makers and companies of International repute like BBC and National Geographic. In order to make expeditions luxurious and without blemish, he engages the best resorts with proven service records for accommodations. 


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