Tigers and Taj Mahal
18-30 MARCH 2019


The eye of the Tiger

This is the most passionate, adventurous and above all tailored to your dreams photographic safari directly into the untamed India! Unlimited safari of the wild tiger of the most famous National parks in the world, where you can see the great Bengal tiger.

In nature we cannot always have 100% of sightings but during our all excursions the opportunities to see the wildlife are hug, especially in our days, when the numbers of these beautiful felines in India have increased 30% at the last 3 years.

Taj Mahal under the full moon completes this trip, combining the two major diamonds of India front your eyes...

Participation - Is This Safari For You?

This trip is for everyone!

  • Participation applies to passionate wildlife photographers of every skill level
  • Wildlife video filmmakers
  • BUT also to every traveler, who has true passion for nature, adventure and culture

Safari is a unique activity for everyone and of every age! After your first safari you couldn't help falling in love with nature and wildlife as well!


  • In the heart of the Holi festival at the best locations of India.
  • Visiting Taj Mahal during sunrise and at night under full moon
  • The Blue and the Pink worldfamous towns of India
  • Safari leopards at the incredibly luxurious JAWAI Leopard Camp
  • An Exclusive, Compact, Tiger-Focused Game Drive- which has been designed to maximize success in best zones of Ranthambore National park , which is one of the best tiger sightings in the world.
  • The most experienced professionals local guides as logistics


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.