Tigers and Taj Mahal
19-28 MAY 2019 


The eye of the Tiger

Wow!!! This trip is made up, to include everything of the heart of India! What else than the Great Rajasthan and the others majors symbols of this subcontinent, like Taj Mahal and tigers!

Every part of this epic trip has scheduled to be with the best sightings at the right time! In Rajasthan, see the best historical cities and traditional villages during the days of Holi (colorful) festival. Admire the plenty of wildlife included the most amazing big cats of the planet like the tiger and leopard, in the most famous National parks!

Absorve the atmosphere around the Taj Mahal during the sunrise and the full moon nights as well!

Enjoy the transition bettween the tradition, the culture, and the wildlife at the same time, getting pictures of street style, traditional people, portraits, cityscapes, festivals as well as the great wildlife of India! Every kind of photographic action will be taken place on this trip.

Yes, this is your lifetime trip!

Participation - Is This Safari For You?

This trip is for everyone!

  • Participation applies to passionate wildlife photographers of every skill level
  • Wildlife video filmmakers
  • BUT also to every traveler, who has true passion for nature, adventure and culture

Safari is a unique activity for everyone and of every age! After your first safari you couldn't help falling in love with nature and wildlife as well!


  • An Exclusive, Compact, Tiger-Focused Itinerary with 10 tiger Game Drive- which has been designed to maximize success in best zones of the Bandhavgarh and Panna National parks , which is the best tiger sightings in the world.
  • The incredible safari team of Teetath Quick search and locate technique used by the team fetches results faster to maximize shoots accurately.
  • Boat tiger safari
  • Luxurious suites on the trees
  • Private open vehicles throughout the entire safari, with only 1 person per row of seating (the vehicles have 2 rows behind the driver). Hence enough space for movement in all direction besides comfort and room for equipment. You're guaranteed a window seat in the open 4x4s for unimpeded camera access! With all travel needs and necessities taken care of in advance you have to just shoot with the camera in extreme comfort.
  • Taj Mahal view at night with full moon!


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.